Excel Programming & Excel Development

By writing custom macros using Visual Basic programming, we will not only transform your spreadsheets by automating them, we will turn them into dynamic tools that are EASY TO USE, even by the most inexperienced user; fast and EFFICIENT to make the most of your time. Our EFFECTIVE programming includes functionality you may not have thought possible. We offer suggestions on how to improve existing spreadsheets based on our years of experience.

Excel spreadsheet development

If you need to build an Excel dashboard or a custom spreadsheet, look no further than Excel Expertise Ltd. We specialise in developing Excel spreadsheets, tailored to your business needs. We will take the time to fully understand your requirements and provide you with the best possible solutions, at competitive prices. Our team can enhance and automate existing spreadsheets, as well as develop and program new forms, planning, data analysis and financial management tools from scratch.

Most people aren’t aware of Excel’s powerful capabilities – allow us to take it to the next level. People don’t know what they don’t know, but the only limit is your imagination. Tell us what you need to do in Excel and the chances are we’ll come up with a solution, which you may never have thought possible. We love a challenge!

Customising the User Interface with Excel development

Excel Expertise Ltd can customise your Microsoft 2007, 2010 and 2013 user interface and Ribbon, so you can personalise it or modify it, to match your company’s branding and user experience.

We can create custom tabs, with buttons that run visual basic macros, set styles to only display the styles you want i.e. font styles and table styles, by removing the built-in styles that you don’t want users to access. We can build custom quick access toolbars, to provide easy access, to enable you to perform repetitive tasks quickly.

We can program your Excel, Word and PowerPoint Templates so they launch every time you start the application, using your corporate colours and theme for all your files, so that outputs are consistent across the organisation.

Bespoke Excel programming solutions

We specialise in developing Excel spreadsheets tailored to your business needs. By taking time to understand your requirements, we can develop and program Excel to perform tasks at the click of a button, or triggered by an event, within seconds; to significantly reduce/eliminate manual intervention.

We can even program Excel to write XML code, using the data in your Excel spreadsheet to upload onto the web and, as Visual Basic is integrated across the MS Office suite, we can write macros that work across platforms to integrate them offering a fully automated solution.

Most of Excel’s functionality can be manipulated through VBA programming to provide fully automated, end-to-end process and reporting tools. So, your viewers need not be distracted with Excel formulas and other information that is not relevant to them.

Excel can also integrate with SharePoint through VBA programming, allowing us to connect to, and work with files, on SharePoint through Excel.