Professional, bespoke Excel Dashboards and Reporting

Data analysis is essential to measuring how your organisation is performing. Having all the data on one page makes analysis easier. With our Excel Dashboards and data visualisation techniques, you can easily view at all the factors that contribute to your organisation’s performance.

With years of experience in developing, programming and automating Excel workbooks for a wide range of international clients, you can rely on us to provide you with effective, dynamic and professional looking, data analysis tools, Reporting and Dashboards for your business.

Dynamic, bespoke Excel dashboards

At Excel Expertise Ltd, we produce a variety of dynamic KPI dashboards that represent your real-time data, for the user to get a quick snapshot of the performance. As the data changes, the graphics reflect the changes so variances stand out and are easily identified.

Pivot tables provide flexibility to focus on the data specific to each user, allowing easy drill down capability, to make data analysis simple and effective.

Accuracy, as well as consistency across metrics, is key across any organisation’s reporting structure. You need a reliable source of data to produce accurate reports, which all the stakeholders can buy into.

With Excel API’s (Application Program Interface) we are able to connect with other computers on your network or web servers that have an API connection, thereby working with real time data.

Professional looking Excel Dashboards
without the noise

Making your Excel file look less like Excel, makes your dashboards and applications appear like truly professional, standalone tools.

With our expertise, we are able to remove the ribbon, headings and formula bar, to display your Excel application on a ‘clean screen’, allowing the users to focus on the data, without any distraction. The end result looks like a standalone application as opposed to an Excel spreadsheet.

This method has also been used for creating professional looking user forms. The user experience is pleasant because they can be guided through an easy-to-use process, tailored to their needs, without being exposed to the workings of the spreadsheet – all the analysis functionality to capture and report on the data is built into the back-end.

The workbooks, worksheets and even individual cells can be locked, using password protection, so the user is only able to see and edit cells/sheets that you want them to be able to see/edit.

Examples of bespoke interactive and dynamic charts built to your needs