Excel Training

Excel Expertise Ltd offers flexible one-to-one, or group, training sessions, designed to teach your staff the Excel skills that they need, specific to their requirements, as opposed to a fixed curriculum that users may never use or may already know. We tailor our Excel training based on work that they do, or would like to be able to do; we teach them how to work smarter and faster, to save them time.

We offer formal Excel training or a casual workshop environment, either online or face-to-face, where we teach solutions to real-life Excel problems, showing and guiding, allowing them to master the spreadsheets that they use and ask questions along the way.

See the prices for Excel training.

COVID-19 Support

Please give us a call if we can help you with any admin tasks such as correspondence, data management, reporting, proof reading, data capture, typing or any other work, whether it be adhoc or regular jobs that need doing. We charge an hourly rate (minimum 1 hour), so you aren’t tied into a contract and we are currently offering over 30% discount on admin jobs and 20% on our Other Services (excluding developmental work) to help companies through this turbulent period.

Word, PowerPoint and PDF conversions

If you need Word or PowerPoint templates with custom fonts and colours that reflect your company’s branding, then we can help. We offer a fully customised user interface for all the spreadsheets, as well as developing custom templates for Word documents and PowerPoint presentations at affordable prices.

We can also produce PowerPoint presentations directly from the Excel Spreadsheets, so no more copy/pasting charts from one platform to the other. We can automate the creation of your PowerPoint presentations, so they are created at the click of a button, in a fraction of the time. Linking PowerPoint to Excel is not ideal, because the links can easily get broken, but by using VBA, you can be sure to have the latest data/charts on demand, simply by running a macro.

Then there’s Word. We can create mail merges, to simplify document creation, by populating fields in the Word document from an Excel file. Not only that, we can use VBA to write to, and thereby populate, the Word document with relevant data throughout the Word document.

We do accurate PDF conversion to/from Excel, Word and PowerPoint and can edit the content of PDF documents. We are also able to split, extract, combine/merge and manipulate PDF documents.

Other services:

  • Accurate PDF conversion to/from
  • Excel/Word/PowerPoint
  • Editing and manipulating PDFs
  • Data extraction and manipulation
  • Import data and data lookup
  • Data analysis and data management
  • Data formatting and consolidation
  • Data entry
  • Designing Word templates
  • Word and Excel integration
  • PowerPoint templates
  • Creating and automating PowerPoint
  • Presentations
  • Proof reading
  • Excel data management, cleansing and data manipulation

    At Excel Expertise Ltd, we are not only experienced in developing customised spreadsheets and dashboards, but also offer effective Excel data management and Excel data cleansing services. We know that managing data across various formats can be both time-consuming and tedious.

    You can rely on our expertise to automatically extract, clean, sort, manipulate or consolidate data from different formats, including PDFs, CSVs, Sage exports, XML, Word documents and more; making the data more meaningful and accurate, in a format that can be used by other applications or within Excel itself.

    We also offer data validation and proof reading of documents.