Excel Spreadsheet Automation

Excel Expertise Ltd specialises in automating Excel spreadsheets – optimising them to make them fast, dynamic and efficient. If you are spending hours trying to utilise data across multiple spreadsheets and analysing it for your business requirements, contact us to provide you with a time-saving solution, at affordable prices.

We aim to eliminate repetitive manual procedures, which you normally follow, to reduce production time and simplify the tasks at hand, saving you hours of copy/pasting/manipulating data, which can literally be done in seconds, using Excel’s automation functionality.

This helps you to have faster access to more accurate data in order to make accurate, informed business decisions. We also automate data capture to speed up data entry, by pre-populating cells with information already to hand, thereby eliminating errors and having to type the same thing over again.


Excel can connect to virtually any platform and any data source, like a universal adaptor for data using coding such as SQL, where Excel is the front-end acting as a portal to the back-end data, in a similar way to a web page. Only, Excel is significantly more cost effective to develop, in a fraction of the time than it would take to build it as an online platform, because Excel’s built-in functionality and formulas are not readily available on any other platform. Consider Excel as “Lego for data”.

The advantage of having a database is that Excel is able to pull from, or write to, most existing database/s to populate or consolidate the data, for use in reporting and further data analysis. The Excel workbook can be configured to be used offline – any changes will then be written back to the database when the user reconnects.

Automation tools

We use VBA macros, pivot tables, formulas, lookups and variables, to streamline the data and to speed up the production, in order to help you use Excel effectively.

We can also integrate with SharePoint through VBA programming, allowing us to connect to, and work with files, on SharePoint through Excel.

Consider how much time it takes you to do regular tasks and work out the indirect costs involved. By automating those tasks, you will make immediate savings and even make time for a cup of coffee.

For your free no obligation consultation, to see how our experienced Excel consultant can automate your spreadsheets and save you time and money, call us now.